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Weighted Bat Group Training-

For HS aged players and above, we run groups of players for this activity. Group size is limited to 8 and run 2 to 3 groups in Summer and the same over late Fall and Winter.

Hit Your Potential-

For 14u and above, this program is specific to individuals needing a swing reset with relation to the most important core swing movements. This is a series of 6-7 lessons lasting about an hour each.

Hitting Clinics-

For younger players aged 10-12. There are several types we run. In the Summer, we can run a 2 hour program for 2 sessions in 1 week. In the Winter, we run 1 group session that is one specific time each week for 4 weeks.

Fielding Clinics-

For players from 10u on up.  These are roughly a couple of hours each. We do both baseball and softball. These are the finer details of proper fielding form. Take home drills that can be done on a field in pre-game or done in your basement with another team or family member. Small spaces. There’s a lot more to fielding than taking infield from home plate.

Maximizing Potential-

Hitting the snot out of a ball is fun. We work diligently to get positive results by working with players on both physical and mental aspects of game. As Ted Williams famously stated, “Hitting is 50% from the neck up.”

We continue to upgrade our private facility. You can be confident that whether it’s an individual, group or team format, Number 9 will get the best results for you.

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