Weighted Bat Group Training-

For HS aged players and above, we run groups of players for this activity. Group size is limited to 8 and run 2 to 3 groups in Summer and the same over late Fall and Winter.

Hit Your Potential-

For 15u and above, this program is specific to individuals needing a swing reset with relation to the most important core swing movements. This is a series of 6-7 lessons lasting about an hour each.

Changes from different ways to work

From a series of lessons, groups, a single lesson, etc. From high school to college. Teaching the game is about helping each player get better.  This includes both physical and mental aspects of hitting.

Junior in College. This player participated in our 12 week weighted bat program last winter. Note improved swing plane and difference where weight sits in swing. Exit velo increased 6 mph!

Freshman in College. This player made impactful changes through a series of individual lessons. Note more relaxed stance and bigger loading process on the right. While this style takes a bit longer to load, by starting slower and earlier, he has a quicker swing upon toe touch.

Freshman in College continued.  Notice the better launch position on the right. Hands are a bit lower and separation of lower and upper half is increased. Note the barrel getting to the ball quicker. This is very important and provides this player with more time against better college pitching.

Please note: These swings may not be perfect, but they represent positive changes that a player has made !

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HS Softballer!

Look at the downward path of the bat  in the Before, as well as the axis of the swing plane.  Much better attack angle After. The improved barrel path is significant for stronger and more consistent contact.

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