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Basic Tee Work Videos

I’ve posted a few videos on my social media pages. I haven’t really done anything like these in the past, but I have been encouraged by some of my college guys and gals to post some things. So I have begun to do that since this Fall. There are enough self-anointed “gurus” out there trying to dazzle people with BS, that I am looking to do things differently. I am making videos that help players, young coaches, etc. to improve the game we love. No fancy terms you can’t understand (and the “gurus” don’t either, if you ask them to explain any details). Nothing controversial. Just a presentation of ideas.

This particular idea, the basic tee work series, helps players promote a good base swing with adjustability. I’ve seen many players get into bad habits just going to hit off the tee without focus. The grand design of this set of videos was to create a routine that players could easily follow and build/maintain a swing for success to all fields. Beginning with up the middle, which our base swing should be up the middle for timing and being capable of better adjustments, I then move to going to the opposite field. I apologize for the length of that one, but I’m getting better at the video production as these go along! After middle and oppo, then we follow with the pull side.

As you follow the concepts of these three videos, it naturally lends to a 100 swing tee routine that follows in the recap-

Feel free to ask questions or send me a comment if you found this information helpful.