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This is the 6th year of our Peoria Merchants in operation, beginning the Summer of 2018. 
We began in the Kickapoo Valley League a Sunday afternoon DH league. We began moving in 
the Summer collegiate direction immediately with our roster. In 2019 we played games out of the 
league as far away as Northbrook Illinois! In 2020 we went completely independent and the 
roster was made up entirely of collegiate players. Summer of 2022, Owner/GM Mike Olson was able 
to move the Merchants into the Kernels Collegiate League. 2023 is the second year as a member 
of the KCL. As the organization has established a history, we honor one person each season 
for past contributions which helped our organization grow. The Coaches Award is a huge honor.

2021 Coaches Award Winner- Colin "Buck" Edwards, Illinois College

2022 Coaches Award Winner - Collin Drake, College of Lake County/WIU

More detail to come on our award winners