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The State of Number 9 Hitting

I’m excited for the freshly upgraded website after 10 years of using something that looked antiquated. Lots of things have happened over the past 10 years. Bat rule changes and certainly the amount of data that can be collected by devices whether at the stadium or your local batting cage. On a more personal level, a lot of young players coming through Number 9 Hitting have achieved their goal of playing college baseball/softball. Great! That’s what I’m here for. I am here to encourage players through skills improvement, better mental focus, setting proper and attainable goals and helping them find other training opportunities. Number 9 Hitting Lab is private and over the course of time, we’ve grown from a very small cage and a concrete floor, to remodel making a bit larger space and creating the area for a slightly taller and longer cage. With the space upgrade, we were able to add more hitting stations.

What started as a small space to teach younger players specific swing movements has grown to a space that High School and College players can use to improve swing speed and accuracy of barrel delivery throughout the strike zone with weighted bats and drills to match. A Power to All Fields program, if you will. 10 years ago the way to check a swing for flaws and improvement were with video. Today the technology of a brand of bat sensors is so good, we can see 3D models of a players swing and make adjustments from the dimensional image.  The latest enhancement to the Number 9 Hitting Lab is a Rapsodo Hitting device that accurately shows a player’s exit velo, launch angle and where exactly the ball landed on the field. This piece of equipment reads the type of spin and the spin rate of the ball coming off the bat, so it can calculate with accuracy how well the ball was struck. Not only is this a source for tracking player improvement, it’s a source for players to compete with themselves and each other.

I’ve put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the improvements of Number 9 Hitting Lab and even moreso take pride in the improvements and successes of the players who have come through the facility. That includes the young players I coached and taught who are now adults and teaching the game and improving the skills of younger players. We look to add even more training opportunities in the future to further encourage your journey.

Until the next post!

Dave D